licensor li‧cen‧sor [ˈlaɪsnsə ǁ ˌlaɪsnˈsɔːr] also li‧cens‧er [-snsə ǁ -ər] BrE noun [countable] LAW
1. someone who gives official permission to someone to do something:

• The general licensor has unlimited time within which to issue a license.

2. an organization that gives permission to another organization to make or sell something to which it holds the patent (= the legal right to make or sell a new product ) :

• Competition rules protect the licenser as well as the licensee.

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licensor UK US /ˈlaɪsənsər/ noun [C] (also licenser)
LAW, COMMERCE, IT a person or organization who gives another person or organization official permission to make, do, or own something: »

The company is a leading producer and licensor of television game shows.

Compare LICENSEE(Cf. ↑licensee)

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